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40 Reasons to use Linux (More coming soon!)

  1. Linux is Stable! Stability of UNIX-based systems has been proven for over 30 years. You can run a Linux computer for years without doing a reboot.
  2. Linux is Secure! No daily security holes!
  3. Linux is Fast! And it gets faster everytime!
  4. Linux is Efficient! Linux programs give you the same results with less memory, disk space and CPU speed!
  5. Linux is open source! Which means it is free to use, distribute and modify, there are communities around it and it will remain free! In fact the open source community alone is something you've got to try!
  6. Linux improves fast! Every point release has more improvements than major releases on other systems!
  7. Linux follows standards! Linux uses POSIX standards and most programs in Linux (like web page editors) follow standards!
  8. Linux gives you choice! Different distributions, desktops, instant messengers, DVD players, etc.
  9. Linux is portable! Just take it with you! All you need is a CD-based distro like Knoppix or those that run from business card discs or flash memories and optionally a flash memory to store your stuff.
  10. Linux is platform portable! From PDAs and routers to servers and clusters ... Linux runs everywhere!
  11. Linux is International! Because of its open source nature it supports many languages.
  12. Linux is great for Network So many great tools you wouldn't even imagine having on other systems!
  13. Linux is great for Multimedia When it gets to making videos and audio Linux is the best!
    Linux is Hollywood's choice for movies like StarWars and Shrek.
    I have a Linux-based home theater system!
  14. Linux is great for Graphics Whether you're into 3D graphics or image editing Linux has the tool for you!
  15. Linux lets you share power! Some video editing programs for Linux let you use other Linux machines (even older ones) on your network to do part of the processing for you!
  16. Linux is great for 3D gaming! 3D games run faster and smoother in Linux!
  17. Linux is great for classic gaming! emulate virtually any game console using Linux! Or just use clones of popular classic games like Super Mario on Linux.
  18. Linux is great for Kidz! Linux has interfaces great for kidz!
  19. Linux is great for schools! Linux has great educational tools every school dreams of!
  20. Linux is great for libraries! Linux performs much better on a public access computer than any other system!
  21. Linux is great for research! Many researchers have made great tools and made them available for free!
  22. Linux has cool games! Check out many cool games like Flightgear, Cube and BZFlag at happypenguin.org!
  23. Linux has cool desktop environments! KDE and GNOME look cool, have great features and perform better! Plus you have choices of which one to use and how to use it.
  24. Linux has cool icons! Two words: Everaldo Crystal
  25. Linux has cool themes! Check out all those greak themes for KDE, GNOME or whatever desktop you use, mouse pointers (like Jimmac), etc. at KDE-Look
  26. Linux has cool software! Just check out the hundreds of free software titles that come with any distribution.
  27. Linux is great for network! As a server or a client Linux has more network features than any other system.
  28. Linux is multi-user! Many users can work at the same time.
  29. Linux can be accessed from anywhere! Access your Linux box from any other machine!
  30. Linux is multi-tasking! One crash doesn't cost you 1 week of work.
  31. Linux is a rescuer! When other systems are messed up you can rescue you file with a bootable Linux CD.
  32. Linux opens damaged floppies! Sure you probably don't use them anymore but I've lost count of the number of times I made grad students happy by saving their thesis with Linux!
  33. Linux restores your drive! With a nice program called PartImage you can restore you drive, no matter what OS is on it!
  34. Linux has easy software installation and upgrade! With distributions such as Debian, SuSE, Mandrake and Fedora you can download and install software off the internet based on category and description.
  35. Linux can turn your game console into a desktop computer! Both Xbox and PS2 are actually desktop computers. All it takes is Linux to make use of them as actually computers.
  36. Linux installs fast and easy! Just boot from your Knoppix CD, select install, answer a couple of questions and you're done!
  37. Linux doesn't need to be reinstalled... ever! In fact you don't even have to reboot. I don't remember that last time I saw the login screen of my laptop!
  38. Linux compatible remains compatible! Once something's compatible with Linux it is very likely to stay compatible even if the manufacturer drops support because community support is always there for you.
  39. Linux is a programmer's dream! You can't imagine having tools that come with Linux is any other system.
  40. Linux is plain cool stuff! Just try it and see it for yourself...

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